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Discover the possibilities of porcelain. Stronger and more abrasion-resistant than almost any other countertop material as well as light-weight and heat resistant. 

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At Lusso Porcelain & Design, our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence is at the core of everything we do. We offer only the finest porcelain slabs, ensuring that every product we provide embodies timeless elegance and superior craftmanship. Our dedicated network of installation experts will bring precision and expertise to every project, ensuring customer satisfaction. From kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, feature walls, custom furniture and more, we’re excited to work with you on your next project. Experience the unparalleled beauty of Fine Italian porcelain slabs with us.

From mesmerizing facades to breathtaking countertops, luxurious showers, and even innovative furniture designs. Discover stunning projects that showcase the incredible versatility of porcelain slabs. Servicing western Idaho including Boise, McCall, Twin Falls and Sun Valley. To learn more about porcelain options for your home or business schedule your free consultation today!

tailor-made solutions

With our tailor-made solutions, we offer the flexibility to customize slabs to your exact specifications. From custom sizes and a diverse selection of finishes to captivating patterns, textures, and an array of stunning color options.

incredible versatility

From mesmerizing facades to breathtaking countertops, luxurious showers, and even innovative furniture designs. Discover stunning projects that showcase the incredible versatility of porcelain slabs with our inspiration gallery of images.

seamless installations

Our remarkable porcelain slab surfaces redefine the boundaries of architecture and interiors. With their expansive dimensions, our porcelain slabs offer seamless installations, creating uninterrupted, sophisticated designs.

stronger and more abrasion-resistant

A relative newcomer to the countertop industry, porcelain slabs are made of a furnace sintered ceramic material which has a high-detail image or pattern printed and sealed onto the surface. It is stronger and more abrasion-resistant than almost any other countertop material, as well as lighter due to being sold in a variety of thicknesses. Available patterns and colors depend on the manufacturer, but commonly include similarities to high-end exotic marbles and quartzites. Several brands also include lines with markedly artificial patterning, such as acid-washed concrete, weathered wood-grain or aged metal, for an exclusive and aggressively industrial aesthetic.

In-house large format porcelain

Explore our extensive collection of large format porcelain tile, available in a variety of finishes and colors. Our in-house options are perfect for achieving a modern and seamless look for your next project. Visit our Design Gallery in Boise, Idaho today!

Sahara Nior

Royal Peacock

Precious Sodalite

Pietra Grey

Panda White

Ocean Blue


Calacatta Oro

Calacatta Magnifico

Calacatta Hermitage

Calacatta Glory

Atlantis Grey

Porcelain Solutions

Porcelain is a versatile and durable material that is ideal for countertops, walls, sinks, and other installations. It is resistant to scratches, stains, and heat, making it a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, porcelain is available in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing for endless design possibilities.

More about porcelain

reinforced-foam core

The unusually thin nature of this material presents a few quirks when creating countertops – in order to present the aesthetic of a thicker countertop and add durability, our porcelain countertops are wrapped around a lightweight reinforced-foam core. This requires additional slab area to construct, so any countertop will take up more space on a porcelain slab than a granite or quartz slab. This also means that many decorative edge profiles that are often applied to solid stone countertops cannot be used with porcelain – there is simply not enough material thickness to profile, and it would remove the printed patterning from the surface.


Of all the materials thus far discussed, porcelain is the most heat-resistant – one unique application is to construct a kitchen counter with an integrated magnetic-induction range, using the porcelain itself as a hidden stove-top. In addition, porcelain slabs are usually ½” thick or less, and as such are ideal for weight-conscious applications like boats or high-end RVs where 2,000lbs of natural stone may be impractical.


Lastly, although it resists scratching and is very tough on a large scale, porcelain can be damaged if subjected to a sharp impact by a heavy object. Much like a ceramic mug might chip when dropped, a porcelain countertop can flake when hit directly on the edge. This type of damage, though rare, is essentially non-repairable since glue applied to the underside of the chip will add enough thickness to be felt, and any attempt to grind and re-polish the surface will remove the pattern printed onto it. A chip or flake can be filled in with a UV-cure resin designed for stone, but the repair will probably always be visible. In other words… don’t hang a cast-iron Dutch oven above a porcelain countertop.

Discover the possibilities of porcelain

Porcelain offers versatility for home design, with a wide range of options for walls, countertops, floors and more. Choose from an array of colors, patterns, and finishes to achieve a clean, modern look.